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We offer our customers reliable expertise in the field of client-specific or own developments since more than 20 years. 
The main sectors are:

  • technology for domestic sewage treatment plants
  • automatization
  • motor control
  • safety engineering (locking systems, transponder technology, ...)
  • telecommunication
  • medical technology
  • related PC-Software 
Explore our wide spectrum of services!
Our Internet site will give you an extensive overview of our products, qualities and our company profile. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions and access to the most favoured information.


Which sewage treatment technology exhibitions do you vist?
IFAT (München)
WOD-KAN (Polen)
Pollutec Horizons (Paris)
Water Sofia (Bulgarien)
The poll is closed.

Winner of the contest Company of the year 2014 (Carlsbad region).

Organized by VODAFONE and Hospodářské noviny, one of the most important economic newspaper in CZ.

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